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What’s It Gonna Be?

by on Dec.21, 2007, under Studio, Web Stuff

Track number 2 off our recent studio venture is now online and available for all to hear. Tonight we bring our popular rock ballad “What’s It Gonna Be?” to you via Myspace for your listening pleasure. Inspired by a friend torn up over a lover, this song demonstrates another side of Nitidus. Get on over to Myspace and have a listen to this brand new track!

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Photos from Twentyfirst

by on Dec.18, 2007, under Shows, Web Stuff

Photos are now up from last Saturday’s wild night at Twentyfirst Century Club in Frankston. Check ’em out.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the last Nitidus rock show for 2007. We’ll be back with a vengeance in 2008!

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Brand new song, now playing!

by on Dec.10, 2007, under Web Stuff

Head over to Myspace to hear The Taste, the first of three brand new Nitidus studio recordings produced by Adrian Hannan (Taxi Ride, Lee Harding, The Androids). This is the first new release in over 2 years!

The Taste is like nothing you’ve heard from Nitidus before, highlighting the band’s exciting new direction since the 2005 EP “Still Here”. It’s laced with infectious hooks and a driving beat, straight from the gritty underground rock scene of Melbourne.

Crank your speakers to 11 and get onto Myspace to hear The Taste!

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Updates from the studio

by on Dec.03, 2007, under Studio

Hey guys, the new tracks are coming along great. All that time on the road perfecting the songs and our performance has paid off in a big way!  This recording is seriously leaps and bounds over anything we’ve ever done before. Can’t wait to let you all listen in on what we’ve been cookin’. Bass, guitar and vocals are now all complete and it’s now down to Adrian to weave his magic on the mix. Check out some shots from the last few sessions.

IM000425.JPG IM000426.JPG IM000427.JPG IM000428.JPG IM000429.JPG IM000430.JPG IM000431.JPG IM000434.JPG IM000437.JPG IM000439.JPG IM000440.JPG IM000441.JPG

We’re heading back to the studio again tonight to hopefully complete the final mix. Stay tuned.

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So… why are Nitidus in the studio now?

by on Nov.23, 2007, under Studio

Why the sudden rush to record new tracks? Well those who have been to the shows this year will know we’ve got a lot of new stuff just waiting to be recorded, so it’s good to finally take these fan favourites from the live show and turn them into something to shake your home stereo (or iPod).

But this recording is not just for the joy of making music. It has been a poorly kept secret that Nitidus have been attracting some significant label interest in the last few months since even before our 21 Alibis tour of the USA. These new tracks will be forwarded to some very powerful folks in the music biz, potentially sealing a record deal… but more on this tantalising development later.

Never lose faith!

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Nitidus are back in the studio!

by on Nov.21, 2007, under Studio

Last Sunday, the band commenced recording three new tracks with long-time producer Adrian Hannan (Taxi Ride, Lee Harding, The Androids). Doctor K completed drum tracking at a secret location on Sunday 19th November, with Marki scheduled to commence bass guitar tracking on Thursday 22nd November at The Songstore.

When we say Nitidus means honest, hard working rock band, you know we ain’t kiddin’ around. Over the last six months we have toured the United States of America, signed on new management, attended the ARIAs, rocked out with Diesel and more. Now as we prepare for the biggest rock show of 2007 with Airbourne next month… we decided it’s a good time to hit the studio. Thanks to pre-production recordings made earlier in the year, we’re able jump right in to produce some great tracks.

These tracks may form the basis of a new EP in early 2008, but no plans have been made as yet. In the meantime, check out some shots from last Sunday’s studio session:

Nitidus in the studio (November 2007) (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus in the studio (November 2007) (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus in the studio (November 2007) (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus in the studio (November 2007) (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus in the studio (November 2007) (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus in the studio (November 2007) (by Kristian Grondman) Nitidus in the studio (November 2007) (by Kristian Grondman)

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New song on Myspace!

by on Oct.02, 2007, under Studio, Web Stuff

Tonight, Nitidus have released their first new song in over two years! Head over to Myspace and listen to 21 Alibis, the title song from our recent US tour. 21 Alibis is one of several demo tracks that were recorded in Marki’s mobile studio sporadically since January this year. Most of you who have been to see our rock shows this year will no doubt recognise the song. 21 Alibis highlights a new groove-rock style that the band has been creating in its current line-up. We feel it is the next evolution of the Nitidus sound and hope you enjoy this first taste.

It’s been almost two years since we shared all four full tracks from the Still Here EP on Myspace. Initially intended to be a limited-time offer, the tracks proved to be quite popular and had stayed ever since. Now that we’re back from the States and have some new demos completed, we figured it was about time to share some new sounds with you guys. Keep an eye out, there’s more of the good stuff on the way. Spread the word.

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